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Welcome to the Gruff Goat Wiki. The intent of this site is to provide online documentation for users of Gruff Goat applications and services.

Some of what is currently available includes.

User Support [HOME]

Highlights, see the User Support HOME for a complete list:

IT Procedures, Logs, and Discussion



User Initiated Pages

Visitors may create an account and log in. Logging in, allows users to create and edit most pages on the site. These pages may be created under the Community portal, Current_events, or as a subpage of any existing page. Of course, if you find mistakes in any information currently on the site, please do correct it.

Create a User Account

Due to an ongoing problem with wiki-spam, the automatic user registration process has been disabled. In order to edit any pages on this wiki you must become a registered user. The process to become a registered user is:

  1. Complete and submit the New User Registration form.
  2. After review, a new account will be created with a random password emailed to you.
  3. Now, you may return to this wiki and login to edit all permissible pages.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

-- Welcome from Gary 17:00, 10 Aug 2005 (CDT)