SpamAssassin Training from Squirrelmail

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The email server has SpamAssassin software installed and running. Basically, SpamAssassin helps prevent spam email messages from arriving in your inbox. This is done by a scoring system. The scoring system uses a variety of inputs including a trainable Bayesian filter.

The Bayesian filter may be trained by feeding it approved ham and unapproved spam. Ham is email that you wish to receive while spam is email you wish NOT to receive. GoGoat's servers do this automatically by scanning the email messages from two directories. The directories scanned are Read for ham email and Spam for spam email.

In order to take advantage of the SpamAssassin training features, you must move identified email into the appropriate directories. This document covers this process by using Squirrelmail to access the server directory structure.

--Gary 15:38, 10 Aug 2005 (CDT)


Squirrelmail is an advanced and easy to use webmail system. All GoGoat user accounts have access to this feature.

  1. Start by visiting
  2. Select Squirrelmail from the menu bar.

  3. Enter your complete username ( and password.

  4. Check to see whether the folders Read and Spam already exist.

  5. If they don't, click folders from the menu bar.

  6. In the Create Folder section, enter the name of the new folder to create and click Create. You should create both a Read and a Spam folder.

  7. Click Inbox to return to your message list.

Now all you have to do is move spam messages to the Spam folder and ham messages to the Read folder.

In time, based upon your input, the SpamAssassin filter improves its results.

My Inbox is Empty, Now What?

If there are no email messages in your Squirrelmail inbox this means that your client deletes messages after downloading them from the server. This is a configurable option in most email client software.

Look for an option setting similar to 'Leave messages on the server'. Usually this gives you the additional option of deleting the message after a certain number of days. This option is seperately configurable for each account, therefore; it is most often found under 'Account Settings'


For Mozilla Thunderbird 1.5.0 select the menu item 'Tools > Account Settings'. Then under the account you wish to change, select 'Server Settings'. Put a check in the box next to 'Leave message on server'.