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Make a Front Page Slideshow

This involves a number of steps starting with a story or link and then the graphic. The story is created using standard procedures.

The Graphic

The layout requires a specific dimensions from your image. These dimensions are:

  • Width = 920 pixels
  • Height = 300 pixels

Some other things to pay attention to include:

  • Clarity of text
  • File size is better kept to a minimum but certainly no larger than about 15k for a single image file.
  • Location of details should generally avoid the bottom of the image. When displayed, a grayed bar may overlay the image to give clear presentation to added text.

Use your favorite image editor to create and manipulate your graphic. Next save it to you local disk. Finally, upload it to Joomla using the Media Manager. The image should be uploaded to the stories/fp_slideshow folder.

The Slideshow

  1. Select the menu item Components > Frontpage Slideshow
  2. Filter the slides by your selected category (usually Southeastern WI)
  3. Click New to create a new slideshow item
  4. Give the slideshow a title
  5. Complete of set other Text Options
    • Play with the available options to understand what they do
  6. Set your Slide Link Options
    • I recommend that each slide has a valid link
  7. Set your Content Display Options
  8. Set your Slide Image by Browsing for an image on the server
    • When you click browse it should display the images loaded into the Media Manager's stories/fp_slideshow folder
  9. Save your changes

I recommend that many slideshows may be created and staged using the Start Publishing and Finish Publishing options.

September 19, 2011 - Updates

Login to backend

Change the Front Page Top Story

ALL edits to the front page must be done with the plain text editor.

Changing your editor

You must be an Administrator to change your editor.

  1. From the Control Panel (what you see when you first login), click your username from the list of logged in users.
  2. Under Parameters, use the User Editor pulldown to select 'Editor - No Editor'.
  3. Save changes

When you are done editing the front page, you may change your editor back to TinyMCE.

Edit the Front Page

  1. From the Content menu, click Front Page Manager
  2. Click the article Home
  3. Near the top of the edit box you will see text similar to the following:
    • {tab=Top Story} {include_content_item 832 1 1}
  4. This uses the include_content_item plugin which take the form of:
    • {include_content_item ID 1 1}
  5. Change the ID to the ID of the new Top Story article
    • The article ID is generally the last column shown in the Article Manager table
  6. Save changes
  7. Log into the front-end to verify the changes worked OK.

Add a link to a stored document

Documents are better stored and managed in the Remository and not in the Media Manager

Upload your file to the Remository

  1. From the Component menu click Remository.
  2. Click Manage Files
  3. Using the pull-down select the most appropriate category. For the Volunteer Application I chose General Public.
  4. Click Add Local
  5. Give your file a title and any other info you want with it, then check it as published.
  6. Under Physical File click browse to find the file to upload from your computer.
  7. Save file
  8. Make a note of the ID associated with your file

Create a link to the file

This uses the ggisdown plugin shortcut code

  1. Open your content item for editing.
  2. Insert the code {ggisdown:ID} where you want the link placed. Replace ID with the ID number you noted earlier.
  3. Save your changes

The ggisdown code inserts the title, file type, and file size as a link to your document.

March 10, 2011 - Updates

Login to backend

Correct phone number

URL given is

  1. Menu > Content > Article Manager
  2. Enter "330" as filter, click Go
    • 330 is the story ID pulled from the URL
    • the ID will not always be part of the URL
  3. Edit story as needed

February 18, 2011 - How I performed your updates

Can you post the February blood drive listing to the website?

  1. Save and rename PDF file without spaces
  2. Login to backend
  3. Go to Components > Remository
  4. Select Manage Files from the Basic Mangement section
  5. In the drop-down on the left, just above the file list; select General Public/Blood Donations
    • This allows you to see and manage previously uploaded files in that section.
  6. Click Add Local
  7. For the title, enter 'February Blood Drives'
  8. For the physical file, click browse to find the file on your computer
  9. Check Published
  10. Select the correct icon
  11. Verify the suggested location is General Public/Blood Donations
  12. Click Save File

The Winter weather alert that appears as “local” on the right hand side. It should appear on the first page as “TOP STORY” where it now has the information about the explosion. Can you change this around?

All actions involving the front page should be referred to me.

The attached Timber Ridge press release should be “local” on the right hand side. Can you post it there please?

  1. Open document and copy all relevant text to notepad
  2. Login to backend
  3. Go to Content > Article Manager
  4. Click New
  5. Shorten title
  6. Section = News
  7. Category = Local News
  8. Copy the text from notepad into the Joomla editor.
  9. Make minor formatting and changes
  10. Make minor edits for web readability
  11. Save

The two job postings should be on the website under home- about us-jobs-paid staff.

  1. Open document and copy all relevant text to notepad
  2. Login to backend
  3. Go to Content > Article Manager
  4. Click New
  5. Title = Position Name
  6. Section = Jobs
  7. Category = Paid Staff
  8. Copy the text from notepad into the Joomla editor.
  9. Make minor formatting and changes
  10. Make minor edits for web readability
  11. Save