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This is the Gruff Goat's main support page for Joomla CMS.

Using the AllVideos Plugin

How-to: Add Images to a Story

How-to: Add News Feed and Module

Creating and Editing Content Items

Media Manager

Joomla Banners

Joomla: Thumbnail to Popup Image

Joomla: Working with Community Builder


Show on Front Page

Q: How can I post a news flash to the front page, so it just appears in the 'newsflash' box (and not be duplicated as another item below the box)?

A: Look at tabs in the content editor. Publishing tab - uncheck 'Show on Frontpage'

Show or Hide Author and Created Date

Q: Can we remove the date stamp and the 'written by' by-line under the title of the article on the hone page?

A: The other one is a bit more complicated. Generally, you may override these settings for any story by the following:

  • Parameters tab - 'Author Names -> Hide'
  • Parameters tab - 'Created Date and Time -> Hide'

However; the front page is different. For the Front Page, select Menu > mainmenu. Then click the Home menu item. Now you may adjust parameters as above.

Title vs Title Alias

Q: What is the difference between the title and title alias?

A: When working with content, a title is what will be displayed whenever 'Display Title' is selected. The alias is used for internal referencing of Joomla objects by components, modules, and mambots.

For example using the mambot mosModule:

Display the built-in login form on a page instead of in a module by including it on a static page with mosModule. The title of the module is 'Login Form', which may dbe displayed or not. The alias is 'Login'. Display upon a page is completed by including '{mosmodule module=Login}' where you wish the form to appear in the content.