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Add on New Server


This add virtual domains and users to the email server.

  • Add domain
 vadddomain postmaster_password
  • Add users
 vadduser user_password


  • Login from GoGoat
  • Set aliases using New Forward

Majordomo to Ezmlm

  • Login from GoGoat
  • Click New Mailing List
    • or Mailing Lists (to manage already created lists)
  • Enter the required information in the form
  • Now time to move subscriber lists.
    • Seems to be problems with ezmlm.cgi
    • Attempt from command line
  • Some shell commands for ezmlm
 ezmlm-sub /usr/local/vpopmail/domains/dom_name/list_name user@address   # Subscribe
 ezmlm-unsub /usr/local/vpopmail/domains/dom_name/list_name user@address # Unsubscribe
 ezmlm-list /usr/local/vpopmail/domains/dom_name/list_name               # List subscribers
  • Create shell script that read address from file and processes them through the subscribe command.
  • Initially process this in a text editor. Since I have less than 1000 total subscribers, decided not to write script. Maybe later.

Update Subscription Forms on Website

Web subscription forms currently send requests to Then the command is included in the body of the message. This needs to be changed to send an email to or

Original code snippet

 switch ($maillist){
   case "advocacy":
     $word = "*****";
   case "meetings":
     $word = ""*****";
 mail($mailto, $subject,
 approve $word $action $maillist $email
 -Automated message

New code snippet

 $repemail= str_replace("@", "=", $email);
 $mailto=$maillist ."-". $action ."-". $repemail ."";
 mail($mailto, $subject, "");

Adjust Sendmail on Original Server

Virtual Users Table

The original server uses Sendmail with virtusertable. Manually delete the moved domains from this file to prevent erroneous email delivery.

 cd /etc/mail
 makemap hash virtusertable < virtusertable

Local Host Names

Sendmail uses the file /etc/mail/local-host-names to determine other doamins it may accept mail from. Manually delete all migrated domains from this file


--Gary 15:38, 11 Aug 2005 (CDT)