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Ariade-CMS is a legacy web application server used by a client. This is intended to be replaced as time allows. See Ariadne-CMS. Old server is running version 2.13. the newest version is 2.4.

Meet the Prerequisites

Install on system running:

  • FreeBSD 5.4
  • Apache 2.0.54
  • PHP 4.4.0 (safe mode)
  • MySQL 4.1.12
  • ImageMagick
  • HTML Tidy

Recommended system

  • Apache 1.3.12 or up
  • PHP4, not running in safe mode
  • MySQL or PostgreSQL
  • ImageMagick

Download Ariadne

 cd /root/progs
 tar -xzvf /root/progs/ariadne.2.4.tgz

Change Permissions

 chown -R username:sitenum ~/ariadne
 chown -R www:www ~/ariadne/files

Move to Directories

 mv ~/ariadne/www/* /home/sites/sitenum/web
 mv ~/ariadne /home/sites/sitenum


Use Existing

Move the existing ariadne database from the LINUX to FREEBSD.

On LINUX, note the db username and password:

 cd /var/lib/mysql
 tar -czvf /home/raqback/ariadnedb.tgz ariadne

Copy the file over to FREEBSD, then on FREEBSD:

 tar -xzvf ariadnedb.tgz
 mv arriadne /var/db/mysql
 mysql -u root -p
   grant CREATE,INSERT,DELETE,UPDATE,SELECT on ariadne.* to username@localhost;
   SET PASSWORD FOR 'username'@'hostname' = PASSWORD('******');

Create New

 mysql -u root -p
   create database ariadnedb;
   grant CREATE,INSERT,DELETE,UPDATE,SELECT on ariadnedb.* to username@localhost;
   SET PASSWORD FOR 'username'@'hostname' = PASSWORD('******');

Upgrade Database

If this is not a new installation then you may have to run an upgrade script. RAQ 550 was running version 2.13 and ther are some significant changes from version 2.13 to 2.4. This requires some upgrade scripts to be run on the database. The main script to use is web/install/upgrade/upgrade.php. For this to run properly the script needs a minor edit. According to Gijsbert te Riet of Muze:

 You have to edit the upgrade.php script and add the row:
   case "2.1.3":
 at line 62. So you will get something like:
   switch ($old_version) {
     case "2.1.3":          # ADD THIS LINE
     case "2.2":
     case "2.2.1":
     case "2.2.2":
 This will make sure that your version will also be able to run the upgrade script.

Edit Configuration Files

There are 2 configuration files that require changes. The first, ~/ariadne/lib/configs/ariadne.phtml, holds most of your basic settings. It should not be in your web document root. The second, ~/www/, basically just points to the location of your Ariadne installation.

 cd /home/sites/sitenum/ariadne/lib/configs
 cp ariadne.phtml-unix ariadne.phtml

Using your favorite editor make the appropriate changes to ariadne.phtml. See an example config.

 cp /home/sites/sitenum/web/ /home/sites/sitenmu/web/

Edit to point to the appropriate directory. For example:


Note: If you are using Apache 2, make sure you set the 'AcceptPathInfo on' in the Apache configuration (httpd.conf).